Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cooking Frenzy

I didn't plan it, but today turned into a day of cooking!
I went to the grocery store early this morning with plans of making chili this afternoon, and I found some awesome deals on vegetables also. I found so many organic vegetables marked down to under $1 because they had to be sold this week that I changed my menu plans. I also took advantage of the $5/10 item Mega Sale at Kroger to stock up on tomato sauce and diced tomatoes.
When I came home, I decided to go ahead and get several dishes going. I browned all 10 pounds of ground beef and chopped vegetables for a while. I put together a large stockpot of chili, two crockpots of Amish Veggie Beef soup and another crockpot of spaghetti sauce.
My counters are full of crockpots and my freezer will soon be full for the winter! :)

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Mrs. J said...

That's amazing! I wish we have a Kroger nearby but lately, everytime we go to the other town 1 hr away, I make sure we drop by Kroger! I really got good deals there and I want to move to that area! LOL. Mind if you share your chili recipe? Thanks!