Monday, September 29, 2008

Makeup and More Buddies at CVS

I went to CVS today armed with my Cover Girl coupons and more Buddies coupons and came out for less than $1.

First Transaction

Cover Girl Foundation at $5.79
Cover Girl Concealer at $4.79
Three Johnson's Buddies at $1.19 each

Coupons Used
Buy Foundation Get Skin Product Free
$1 off Cover Girl
$3/3 Johnsons

Total OOP - $5.99
ECBs Earned - $5.79

Total for trip - .20

Love the Johnson's Buddies!

I went to Walmart today and spent .54 on 18 Buddies Soaps! I had coupons for $3/3 Johnsons products and with the price of .97 each at Walmart, I only had to pay .3 for each of them for tax! Thanks to Coupon Clippers I was able to get 10 coupons. I would have bought more soaps at Walmart, but I cleaned off the shelves!!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

WAGS Candy on Clearance

I went in this morning to use my 5/20 coupon at WAGS and I found a huge amount of candy on clearance! I bought so many stocking stuffers for .25 and .30. There were shelves full of baskets, full of candy! Loved it! They also have Disney musical snowglobes for only $9.99. They were up on a high shelf, but there were four different kinds that I saw. I got a Mickey Mouse one for my daughter for Christmas, but I also saw a Sleeping Beauty, Disney Princesses and Winnie the Pooh. Great deal for these!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

More than I bargained for at CVS

I went in for Soy Joy and Alpo, but I came out with tons of hair goodies for 90 percent off! Not pictured are my daughter's Skittles which were quickly eaten and her lunch sacks needed for a school field trip.

First transaction

10 Soy Joys on sale at .50 each
One chocolate Skittles at .79
One Secret deodorant at .99
Two Alpo dog food BOGO at $1.19
Two headbands (regular $7.50 each) at .75 each
Two clips (regular $6 each) at .60 each
One mini clips (regular $4.50) at .45
Two clips (regular $5 each) at .50 each

Coupons Used
Two $3 off Soy Joy (second one adjusted down to $2)
One BOGO Alpo up to .79
One .50 off Secret MC

Total OOP - $6.26

Second Transaction

Two Alpo BOGO at $1.19
One lunchbag at $1.99

Coupon Used
One BOGO Alpo up to .79

Total OOP - 2.58

Third Transaction

One Reeses Cups 8 pk at .88
Two Alpo BOGO at $1.19

Coupon Used
One BOGO Alpo up to .79

Total OOP - $1

Total OOP for trip - $9.84 (Two of the hair clips would have cost me more than that!)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Awesome deal at CVS

I was able to get four pairs of clogs for my daughter today at CVS and it cost me nothing OOP! (I will post a picture later tonight when I get a chance) The shoes are regularly $7.99 each, and they are 75% off with summer items right now! I was able to get four pairs for $8, and I still had $8 ECBs left over from my Arnicare deal last week, so it didn't cost me a dime! I love clearance sales!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Homeowners Insurance covers food loss!

This is my frugal tip of the day.
I did not realize it, but my homeowners insurance will cover the loss of food in my refrigerators and freezers due to the power outage! Someone at my husband's job told him we should check into it, and indeed it does!
My policy subtracts my deductible and then pays the difference! For some people, meeting the deductible may be difficult, but I have two refrigerator/freezers and a deep freezer, and they were all full. The meat in the deep freezer alone may meet the deductible!
All I have to do is keep a list of the food I throw out and then turn it in with the approximate price value. I won't make enough to replace it all, but at least it will be something.
You should call your insurance company and check into it!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We interrupt this program....

I have had no power since the weekend thanks to the aftermath of Hurricane Ike traveling across Kentucky, so I have not had a chance to post at all until today. I will begin posting tonight and set up this week's coupon contest. Talk to you soon!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Upcoming moneymaker at CVS

I was looking at the upcoming CVS ad for 9/14 and I saw where the Aleve is $3.99 and paying $3 ECBs. This coupon will give you $1 off, so you can get it for -.01 after ECBs!
Also, Degree deodorant is $1.99 with your EC card, and the Degree website says there are $2 peelies on the deodorant in some stores, so be on the lookout!

Chance to win a $5,000 room from Pottery Barn Kids

There is a giveaway here from Real Simple magazine with a chance to win $5,000 in supplies from Pottery Barn Kids to decorate your ultimate playroom! You can enter until Oct. 13, so good luck!

Free Subscription to Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping is offering a free subscription to readers who purchase $20 or more in a single transaction of certain products at Kroger Family stores from Sept. 14 to Oct. 11.
Shoppers ar Bakers, City Market, Dillons, Frys, Gerbes, Hilander, Jay-C, King Soopers, Kroger, Owen's, Pay-Less, Ralph's, Scott's, Smith's and QFC will have a coupon print at the end of their transaction when they purchase the $20 of the following items:
Betty Crocker Au Gratin Potatoes, Butter Buds, Campbell's Red and White Adult Vaierty, Campbell's Select Harvest, Dreamfield's Pasta, Eggo Waffles, Minute Rice, Naturally Preferred, Private Selection, TGI Friday's Sizzling Steak Fajitas, Tilmook Cheese, Simple Harvest, Spam, Swanson Chicken Broth, Blue Diamond Almonds, Lay's Cracker Crisps, Minute Main Enhanced Juice, Nestle Carnation Evaporated Milk, Pepperidge Farm Cookies, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Snyder's of Hanover Pretzels and Snacks, Aussie Opposites Attract Spray Gel, Pantene, Secret Flawless, Alli, Commit, KY Liquibeads, Oxy Acne Solutions, Tampax, Angel Soft, Brawny, Dixie, GE Energy Smart Light Bulbs, Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer, Simple Geren, Vanity Fair Napkins and Woolite Oxy Deep.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Trip to Kroger

With Hurricane Ike coming through, gasoline in my town took a .48 jump today and they are rationing it to 10 gallons a person, so I tried to do all of my running while I was in town. My weekend shopping trips are on hold until this gas goes down!
So, while I was in town to pick up my daughter from school and go to Walgreens for shampoo, I made a trip to Kroger to use up some coupons before they expired. I had hoped to get some more Cottonelle, but they were out. I hope to get back to use them before they expire next week though. I could have done better if I hadn't needed the chicken, Handisnacks and the Pedialax, but those are essentials in this house! is today's haul.

Three bottles of French's Mustard at $1.30 each
Three bottles of Franks Red Hot at $1.18 each
One loaf of Sara Lee Bread at $2
Two boxes of Rice A Roni at $1.07 each
Four packets of Taco Seasoning at .89 each
One box of Pedialax at $5.79
One box of Handisnacks at $3.49
Not pictured are two half gallons of Soy Milk at $3.68 each and one pound of deli chicken at about $6.99.

Coupons Used
Three .50 off French's Mustard (doubled to $1 each)
Three Franks Red Hot (doubled to $1 each)
One $1 off Sara Lee (Mailed to Kroger Plus customers)
Two .50 off Rice A Roni (doubled to $1 each)
Two .50 off Old El Paso (doubled to $1 each)
One $1 off Pedialax
Two $2.25 off Silk Soy Milk

Check here for the Frenchs and Franks coupons. The Silk coupon is no longer active.

Total after coupons - $20.18

Walgreens with my $10/$40 coupon

I used my $10/$40 today and was able to get several good deals. I could have gotten a few more sweet ones if I hadn't needed to get Denorex anyway, but it still came out pretty well. And of course now I realize that I bought one too many Chemistry hair products for a rebate, but I am going to try and take it back tomorrow and exchange it for something else in the rebate book.
Also, my Walgreens is
SUPER strict about coupons, and they won't allow us to use more than one of the same coupon per purchase unless the coupon specifically says one coupon per item purchased. If is says one per purchase, even though the corporate policy says that means one per item purchased, my Walgreens still does not allow it. Because of this, I miss out on a lot of great deals that produce Register Rewards, but I am trying to work around it.

Two boxes of 100 Calorie Oreos at $2.50 each
One box of 100 Calorie Ritz Chips at $1.79
Two South Beach Diet Bars at $2.50 each
One Robitussin at $3.99
One Dimetapp at $3.99
Two Chemistry Hair Products at $7.99 each
One Pert Plus at $4.99
One Capri Sun at $3.79
One Denorex at $7.99

Coupons Used
Two $2 off South Beach Bars (Labeled one per item purchased)
One $1 off Robitussin
One $2 off Dimetapp
One $2 off Pert Plus

Total OOP - $33.52
RR Received -$5 for cough syrups
Rebates Received - 17.46 for Chemistry, Pert Plus, Nabisco products (I am taking into account that I will be exchanging the extra Chemistry for some other rebate product)

Total OOP after RR and Rebates - $11.06

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Coupon from CVS in the mail

I received my first coupon from CVS in the mail today.
I got $1 off of Glade Fabric and Air Odor Eliminator and since it is a CVS coupon, I can use my $1.50 off manufacturer coupon as well. I think that will make it less than $1 for the bottle! :)
I already have quite a few from when it was free after coupons at Walgreens, but I can always use more!
Has anyone else received CVS coupons by mail lately?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Moneymaker at CVS

This is a great one. This is Arnicare muscle rub, and it is normally more than $9 a bottle. You can buy it this month for $8.99 and receive $8 in ECBs. With this coupon, you can save $2 each time, so you can make $1.01 with each one. There is a limit at CVS of 5 per household. Enjoy!

Monday, September 8, 2008

This week's coupon contest and Menu Planning Monday all together!

I am issuing a stockpile challenge to all of my readers.
Every other Friday is my grocery shopping day, so for this week, I am putting a major challenge to myself. I bought only what is essential for the next two weeks and will try to make all of my meals from my stockpile. I bought only deli chicken (for daughter's lunchbox), veggies and salad fixings. I will go to Walgreens or CVS and use gift card or ECBs to get milk when we need it.
So, the following is my menu for the next two weeksI am going to try to live almost completely off of my stockpile (and since I hadn't been planning this until tonight, this should be interesting). You will notice there is a lot of Mexican, but that is definitely our family's favorite, so they don't mind having it several times!

Anyway, on to the contest...
What creative ways can you think to plan menus around your stockpile? Leave me a meal suggestion and you will be entered for this week's contest. Good luck and good eating!

Weekday breakfasts - Cereal or Poptarts (My daughter and husband don't eat big breakfasts, and I don't usually eat it at all)

Weekday lunches - Since my daughter eats her lunch at school (usually sandwich, fruit and granola bar) and my husband eats lunch at work, I usually just grab whatever is around. Usually a deli chicken sandwich with fruit or salad.

Monday dinner - Roast, carrots and potatoes

Tuesday dinner - Taco soup from the freezer with torilla chips or Fritoes

Wednesday dinner - Chicken with Romano's Macaroni Grill mix, veggies and salad

Thursday dinner - Homemade pizza and salad with breadsticks

Friday dinner - Beef broccoli, fried rice and egg rolls

Saturday lunch - Sandwiches and chips

Saturday dinner - Beef enchiladas and Mexican rice

Sunday lunch - Grilled cheese and fruit

Sunday dinner - Beef stirfry and white rice

Monday dinner - Roasted chicken, veggies and rolls

Tuesday dinner - Crockpot Salsa Chicken (love this recipe, except I make it with boneless chicken and serve it over tortillas with cheese on top) and rice and torilla chips

Wednesday dinner - Chicken salad (from roasted chicken leftovers) and fruit

Thursday dinner - Tacos and rice or beans

Friday dinner - Upside down pizza and salad

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Grocery Clearance at Amazon

I have never ordered groceries from Amazon, but I know there are people out there who do, so I thought I would post this just in case! :)
Amazon is having a 55 percent Sept. grocery clearance sale. They have many items that will be reduced by 55 percent when you check out, and there were several gluten free and organic choices too.
If you order more than $25, you also get free shipping. You have to go fast though because there are limited quanities and many have already sold out.

At prices like these, I just might have to give this a shot for once and see if it is any good!
I have never heard anything bad about it, but since I have never tried it, I can't recommend it yet.
Have any of you used this service before? What did you think?

CVS trip this week (I'm slacking! Sorry!)

I had a pretty good trip at CVS this week, but I had to send in several of my receipts for rebates, so I am not entirely sure how I did it! I will try to at least list my coupons used! I promise I will do better next week. This was with my mom's card and mine, and the three monitors are not pictured because I already donated them.

Four Dawn at .99 each
Three Cover Girl Lip Gloss at $5.99 each
Three Colgate at $2.99 each
Three Pringles at .88 each
Two Breathe Rights at $5.99 each (I think)
Two Freestyle Diabetes Monitors at $9.99 each
One Precision Monitor at $19.99

Coupons Used
Two .50 off dawn
Two $1 off Dawn Hand Renewal
Three $1.50 off Colgate
One $1 off three Pringles
One $10 off Precision Monitor
One B1G1 Cover Girl

ECBs earned
Two $5.99 for Cover Girl
Three $2 for Colgate
One $9.99 for Precision Monitor
Two $9.99 for Freestyle Monitors

ECBs spent
$15.99 and $5.99

Rebates Earned
Two $9.99 from Freestyles

Total OOP

Trip to Walmart for under $25

My husband swears there is a $100 cover charge just to enter Walmart, but this week I proved him wrong. I was able to get all of this at Walmart for just under $25. I don't have my exact total because the baby managed to chew up the receipt before we got to the car, but I think I can remember! Keep in mind all of these prices are approximate since I don't have the receipt anymore!

Six Voila meals at about $3.75 each
One Just Bunches at $2.50
Three Starkist Gourmet at .98 each
Two Cascade rinse aids at $3.47
Two Kotex at $1 each
One Kraft cheese, Kraft dressing, Crystal Light, Oscar Meyer hotdogs, Wheat Thins (All free)
15 Kool-Aids at .18 each

Coupons Used
Free Kraft cheese, Kraft dressing, Crystal Light, Oscar Meyer hotdogs, Wheat Thins wyb three (I used Kool-Aid)
Six $1 off Voila Meals
One $2 off Just Bunches
One B2G1 Starkist
Two Free Cascade
Two $1 off Kotex

So I spent $24.xx OOP and I will be sending in the six Voila proof of purchases for two Charlie Brown DVDs for Christmas presents. Not bad!

.36 at Kroger

I paid .36 at Kroger for all of this. All I paid for after the coupons was .18 on each bottle of Franks Red Hot Sauce! See my previous post here to see what coupons to take with you for this deal!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The winner is...

This week's winner is Ginny!
I am sorry this is so late in the day, but we have been out of town and I didn't get a chance to post until now. :)
I am notifying Ginny and as usual, she has until midnight Sunday/Monday to get back with me or I will choose another winner.
Thanks for all of your suggestions, and check back Monday because I have a great plan for next week's contest!
And for everyone who has won coupons in the last three weeks, I have not forgotten about you I promise! I will be mailing them all out this week!

New Johnson's Baby coupons

I thought I had managed to find all of the Johnson's Baby coupons out there, but I was able to print two more for shampoo here. Have it mailed to you here.
And two more for Buddies here.
There is also one for before bed products here. And have it mailed to you here.
This one is for lotion and you can have it mailed to you here.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This week's coupon contest

This week I really want to know what you are doing with all of your Kool-Aid packets, free hot dogs, free Wheat Thins, free Crystal Light, free cheese and free salad dressing!
If you have did not receive these coupons or pick them up in last month's All You, you can still participate just by telling me your favorite thing to do with one of these ingredients.
I believe I still have eight boxes of Wheat Thins, nine packs of hot dogs, about 20 bottles of salad dressing and about 70 packages of Kool-Aid. Help me!
The winner for this week's coupons will be randomly chosen on Saturday afternoon. Good luck!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Free Toilet Paper and more at Kroger

I knew we could get free Cottonelle toilet paper at Kroger with the insert coupons, but I did find a printable here too. And, you can print these each month, so since Cottonelle is regularly priced a .99, this will mean free toilet paper for a really long time!
(Update-I found out during my trip today that these coupons are not for the .99 paper, but they are still a good discount.)
(Update again!-Some people at Centsable Sawyer are reporting that the Ultra coupons are working!)

Also, this coupon will give you a .50 coupon for French's mustard. It is on sale right now for $1, so free mustard too!

Soy milk can get expensive, so I was very excited when Silk put out this coupon for $2.25 off. It doesn't make it free, but it is very inexpensive this way!