Friday, September 12, 2008

Trip to Kroger

With Hurricane Ike coming through, gasoline in my town took a .48 jump today and they are rationing it to 10 gallons a person, so I tried to do all of my running while I was in town. My weekend shopping trips are on hold until this gas goes down!
So, while I was in town to pick up my daughter from school and go to Walgreens for shampoo, I made a trip to Kroger to use up some coupons before they expired. I had hoped to get some more Cottonelle, but they were out. I hope to get back to use them before they expire next week though. I could have done better if I hadn't needed the chicken, Handisnacks and the Pedialax, but those are essentials in this house! is today's haul.

Three bottles of French's Mustard at $1.30 each
Three bottles of Franks Red Hot at $1.18 each
One loaf of Sara Lee Bread at $2
Two boxes of Rice A Roni at $1.07 each
Four packets of Taco Seasoning at .89 each
One box of Pedialax at $5.79
One box of Handisnacks at $3.49
Not pictured are two half gallons of Soy Milk at $3.68 each and one pound of deli chicken at about $6.99.

Coupons Used
Three .50 off French's Mustard (doubled to $1 each)
Three Franks Red Hot (doubled to $1 each)
One $1 off Sara Lee (Mailed to Kroger Plus customers)
Two .50 off Rice A Roni (doubled to $1 each)
Two .50 off Old El Paso (doubled to $1 each)
One $1 off Pedialax
Two $2.25 off Silk Soy Milk

Check here for the Frenchs and Franks coupons. The Silk coupon is no longer active.

Total after coupons - $20.18

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