Monday, September 29, 2008

Love the Johnson's Buddies!

I went to Walmart today and spent .54 on 18 Buddies Soaps! I had coupons for $3/3 Johnsons products and with the price of .97 each at Walmart, I only had to pay .3 for each of them for tax! Thanks to Coupon Clippers I was able to get 10 coupons. I would have bought more soaps at Walmart, but I cleaned off the shelves!!!!!

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Mrs. J said...

my gosh! you're so amazing! I also have a question for you about the All You magazine. I remember you posted a blog about All You mag subscription for a lower price. Can u tell me more about it? I'm worried coz the price have gone up to 2.++ at the store. I want to get a cheaper rate through subscription. Thanks!