Thursday, July 31, 2008

Discounts to Carowinds Theme Park in Charlotte, NC

I have two coupons for a $10 discount until Aug. 24 or a $15 discount for Aug. 30-31 and Sept. 1 to the Carowinds theme park in Charlotte, N.C. This is an awesome park, but we are just too far away to use them! I will give them away to one lucky reader on Monday morning, just leave me a comment on this post with your contact information. Thanks!

Free Formula Checks

I have $10 in Similac formula checks and $5 in Enfamil formula checks for a couple of lucky readers. Just leave me a comment on this post telling me which one you prefer and I will choose a winner Monday morning. Good luck!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Prayer Request

I know this is totally off topic of coupons or freebies, but my dad was just diagnosed with a brain tumor and we were told today they are going to do surgery to try and remove as much as possible. If you are a praying person, I am asking that you please say a prayer for him whenever you have a chance. I completely believe in the power of prayer and I know that the Lord will heal him if we just believe!

New Look

My new background is courtesy of The Cutest Blog on the Block. I found out about it through The Queen of Good Intentions. Thanks for the tip!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Free $10 at Amazon - TODAY ONLY

Money Saving Mom has posted a great Amazon deal for today here. You can get a $10 credit for signing up for a trial of Amazon Prime and then cancel the trial immediately. I just used my credit to start ordering Christmas presents and only had to pay $7.49 because I had a $10 credit plus free shipping for using my Prime membership.

This week's coupon giveaway

So, for this week, I am calling it Christmas in July. I want to know what you do to cut down your Christmas spending. Some of my favorite tricks are shopping for little things at Dollar Tree, using catalogs like ABC Distributing or LTD or hunting the clearance aisle. Right now I am taking advantage of the Borders deal. I have found that if I start too early I just overspend, so that is not an option for me!
So, what do you do?
I will pick a winner at random on Saturday morning for the new envelope of coupons. Remember I am including some great wyb coupons in this one too!
Good luck!

Extra Sunday Coupons

Candace at The Savings Swap is reporting more than $10 worth of coupons in her USA Weekend. Make sure you give it a good look before you throw it away or recycle it!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

And the winner is....

This week's winner is Kimberly E.!
However, I do not have her email or a blog page to leave her a message, so Kimberly has until tomorrow at 12 p.m. to contact me, or I will pick another winner.
Check back on Monday to find out what the coupon contest will be for the week! Remember too that I am giving away some great wyb coupons that I found at Kroger. See you then!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Coupon Books at Kroger

I don't know if other stores have them or not, but when I was at Kroger yesterday, I found coupon books for $24 off everyday items when you purchase certain products like Kellogg's, Keebler or Sunshine. The discounts are on back to school items like binders, store brand juice and milk or produce. I grabbed a handful of them since they don't expire until Sept. 30. I will be giving away one in my coupon giveaway next week, so check out my contest on Monday morning for a chance to win one of these great booklets!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Warning to Internet coupon users!

I found out today at Walmart that two of the coupons I have been using for a while are actually fakes! I was told that Walmart can't accept them without a website because even though they scan, they can't be redeemed by the store for reimbursement. So if you have been using the Vlasic pickle $1 off coupon that is good until 12/31/08 or the $3/2 Post Its coupon (both are in PDF form), you may be using fraudulent coupons without even knowing it!That's too bad too because I was able to get a lot of free pickle relish for our food bank!

Hunts Ketchup Rebate

I found a peelie for a full rebate on Hunt's Ketchup today at Walmart so be on the lookout!

Monday, July 21, 2008

This week's coupon challenge!

Ok, as the mother of a formerly homeschooled six-year-old who will be starting private school this year, I am not looking forward to the hectic morning schedule. My goal is to keep all the children calm and happy so the day can be as productive as possible when she arrives at school.
So, my challenge for this week is to ask everyone how they keep their morning schedule under control. What do you do to keep your mornings running smoothly?
Even if you don't have school aged children or children who leave the home for school, most of you or your families are still on some type of schedule.
So, what is your most creative or best suggestion for keeping mornings as calm and productive as possible? I will choose a winner at random on Saturday and she or he will receive an envelope full of coupons!!!!! Good luck!

Sunday Shopping without the girls

My mom had both girls for the night, so I had all afternoon to shop and take my time. I didn't get to get a picture since dh was so good to get it all put away before I had a chance! :) What a day!


First Transaction

One CVS Baby Lotion at $2
Two Glade Air Fresheners at .88 each
Eight All Small and Mighty at $6.49 each BOGO
One Johnson and Johnson Baby Lotion (Didn't realize she put that on there until I got home. Must have been left by someone else. I am returning it.)

Coupons Used
Eight $1 off All
$1 off two Glades
Two $2 off CVS Skin Product (She pushed the second one and now I know why!)
$15.98 ECB from Photo Books

Total OOP - 2.81

Second Transaction

Two All Small and Mighty at $6.49 each BOGO
One CVS Baby Lotion

Coupons Used
Two $1 off All
$2 off CVS Skin Product

Total OOP - $3.76


Unbelievable trip due to so many wyb coupons.

Milk at $4.09
3 Minute Maid Orange Juice (Clearance) at .99 each
Two Sunny Delight at $1 each
Dog Chow at $10.49
Kroger Sugar at $1.85
2 Beef Broth at $1.09 each
Two Kroger Cream of Mushroom at .88 each
Four Kroger Black Beans at .44 each
Eight Oscar Meyer Beef Hotdogs at $3.59 each
Eight Kraft Dressings at $2.29 each
One Azteca Tortilla at $1.89
Two Mini Tapioca at $3.29 each
Cucumbers at .59
Curry Powder at $2.24
3 Lunchables at $1.25 each
Green Peppers at $1.54
Cream Cheese at $1.26
Three Blocks of Kraft Cheddar at $5.99 each
Six Wheat Thins at $4.49 each
Kroger Buns at $1.09
Red Peppers at $3
Grape Tomatoes at $2.39
Three Kroger Enchilada Sauce at .99 each
Kraft Singles at $2.69
Yellow Peppers at $2.33
Tomatoes at $1.69
Bananas at $1.37
Grapes at $2.11

Total Before Coupons - $170.57

Total after Coupons - $58.02

66 percent savings!

Other than a $2 Dog Food coupon, the rest were purchased Kraft, Oscar Meyer, Nabisco WYB coupons. I had 110 worth of those! Purchased for less than $15 on eBay!


Five Jars of Vlasic Pickle Relish at $1 each
Two boxes of South Beach Diet Drink Mix at $2 each
Two packs of Bic ink pens at .88 each

Coupons Used
Five $1 off Vlasic Pickles
Two $2 off South Beach Drink Mix
One $1 off two Bic products (See coupons bar on right side of screen)

Total OOP - .87 (Would have been less but they didn't have any Post Its!)

Total OOP for entire day - $65.46

Pantry Coupon Winners

I still have not heard from either of my coupon winners with their mailing addresses, so I am giving them until 5 p.m. tonight before I put the coupons back into next week's drawing! Contact me please!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Final Results for the Pantry

Here are the pictures of the finished product.
Thanks for all of the help and suggestions!
For those of you who have not seen the mess of my former pantry, please see here!

This is the front view as soon as you walk in. The cereal has been stacked and changed direction and several of them have been moved into the cereal containers you see on the floor.

These are the shelves above the cereal. They are grouped by product and type (Italian, Mexican, etc.). They were like that to a point before, but now it is much better.

These are the shelves to the left of the cereal shelves. The top ones have extras stacked long way and there are some baskets holding similar items that are odd shaped like crackers and baking items like sugar and flour. The canned goods on the lowest shelf have been turned on a stepping shelf that is turned longways. This way I can see what's on each one rather than searching behind them.

Below my baking shelf is the basket holding all of our potato chips. The only messy looking part is the chips that have already been opened. They are in that small box for the moment until I can use them all up!

These are the shelves to the left as you enter the pantry. They are holding all of the baking items and large machines like our bread maker and quesadilla machine.

These are the shelves on the wall to the right of the door. It was previously a mess of hanging bags and extras crammed in wherever they would fit.

These are the shelves just below the ones above. They are newly installed and hold all of the goodies that won't fit on the shelves!

I repurposed a cabinet outside the pantry that once held all of my oldest daughter's art and school supplies. She can't reach those top shelves anyway, so this was perfect to hold drinks, odd shaped machines like my George Foreman grill, etc. The shelf below that holds baking goods in Rubbermaid containers and canned goods.

This cabinet is over my new dryer. We just got a front loading washer and dryer, so there are storage cabinets below them to hold everything that used to be in this cabinet. Now it can hold all of my paper goods!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Last CVS Purchase of the Week!!!!

I had one last day to get the photo books and nail polish in, so I made one more run today. Got some good deals though. I had $20 ECBs to use up, so this was a good chance to do it.
First Transaction

Two photo books at $7.99 each
One photo book at $3.99
Eight nail polishes at .99 each
One Right Guard at $3.99
One CVS Lotion at $1.49
One Playskool Wipes (Not pictured) at $3.29
One Sours Candy at $1.99
One Skittles at .79

Coupons Used
Four $3/2 nail polishes
One $1 off Right Guard
One $2 off CVS Skin Care
One $1 off Playskool Wipes
$20 ECB

Total OOP - $1.25
ECBs earned - $19.97

Second Transaction
One Photo Book at $7.99

Total OOP - 8.47

Third Transaction
One Photo Book at $7.99
One Photo Book at $3.99
Six Nail Polishes at .99 each
One Playskool Wipes at $5.79

Coupons Used
$1 off Playskool Wipes
$2 off CVS Skin Care
Three $3/2 nail polishes
$2/$10 CVS Products
$7.99 ECB

Total OOP - $3.24
ECBs earned - $11.98

Friday, July 18, 2008

And the winner is.....

First off, thank you so much to everyone who made suggestions for my out of control pantry! If I had an unlimited budget, I would love to take advantage of all of them, but I had less than $50 to spend, and I managed to do it for about $35 so far by repurposing some items from throughout the house. I am so excited about the way it is coming together! I will be posting pictures at the end of this weekend, so come back and check it out!

I will also be planning coupon giveaways for the next several weeks, so check out my blog on Monday nights to find out the new contest!

I had so many options to choose from that I couldn't pick just one. So, the winner of Help Me Organize My Pantry is ... well, I should say the winners are....

Wendy at The Quirky Scribe and Rhonda (but she didn't leave me her address and her blog isn't public!) Rhonda, if you are out there, please email me or leave me a comment with your email. I want to send your coupons!

Here are their suggestions...
Wendy - Pull everything out of the pantry. Discard anything that is expired or donate food you know that you will never eat to a foodbank. Then group foods by like items. Get small plastic bins that will fit on your shelf. At Walmat, I got something similar to this:
Label each bin for a particular type of item (ex. canned tomato products, baking supplies, snacks, etc.). Then place the items in the appropriate containers. The containers have several advantages. They provide a more uniform appearance--I actually like looking in my pantry. Also, I can't overbuy --I have just enough room in each bin to hold what I can use in a reasonable amount of time. I also put all of my flour and sugar into plastic jars. For my cereal boxes, I got large white baskets (almost laundry baskets) and put them on the floor of my pantry. I labeled my bins with a label maker and packing tape (the labels weren't sticky enough on their own so I put the tape over them). It took me a couple of months to get all the categories worked out. For example, I originally had a general category for canned veggies but I realized that i need more space; so I broke it into several smaller categories.

Rhonda - I see you have several snack sized items & boxed foods. They take up less space if you take them out of the boxes. You can buy plastic drawers at Walmart or similar store. Put snacks in a drawer, packets of Koolaid, taco season, hot choc mix, etc in a drawer also. You will be amazed how much space it clears up. Also, how about containers for pasta? I have some old tupperwear I've had for years (earned free for having a party). I can fit 3 lbs of angel hair in the spaghetti keeper & I have containers for elbow mac, wide egg noodles, etc. You're stockpile looks awesome (I'm soooo jealous).

Yet Another Trip for Nail Polish! :)

I made another trip today to get some more nail polish. I am getting as much as I can to giveaway to friends and family! So here we go...

12 Sally Hansen Nail Polishes at .99 each
One CVS Envelope at .88
One CVS Antibacterial Wash at $1.49
One Chocolate Skittles at .79
One Right Guard at $4.99

Coupons Used
$2 off CVS Skin Care
Six $3/2 Nail Polish (Covered $3 each although a couple rang up less than $3)

Total OOP - $1.05

Gotta Love CVS!

I made another quick trip this morning while I was in town. Picked up even better deals! I will post a picture when I get home!

12 Sally Hansen Nail Polish at .99 each
One CVS Cotton Swabs at $1.99
One Playskool Big Wipes at $3.79
Four Puffs Plus for the Car (Clearance) at .19 each

Coupons Used
Four Sally Hansen $3/2
$2 off CVS Skin Care
$1 off Playskool Wipes

TOTAL OOP - .5 :)

Happy Day!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

One more trip today....SO GLAD I went!

I went into town for a friend's jewelry party and had to go back to CVS for something else. Got a real surprise when I went to buy the wipes! I bought everyone they had!!!!!

12 Sally Hansen nailpolishes at .99 each
One CVS Cotton Wipes at $2.99
Six Playskool Wipes at .19 each (YES, THAT IS RIGHT!!!!) Normally $1.99 each!
Two Push Pops at $1.49 each (I think)
One Hershey Bar at .79

Coupons Used
Four $3/2 polishes (Covered three each though!)
One $2 off CVS Skin Product
Six $1 off Playskool Wipes!!!!!

All of the candies were fillers when I came up almost $4 negative after coupons! They will be great treats for our new behavior charts!

Total OOP - .71 (YEAH!!!!!!!!)

Great Day for a little dough!

Had a great time in some short shopping trips today. Also had some great deals included!


Had to make two trips because the HP paper coupon is only good for one per transaction, and they aren't allowed to separate transactions just to use a coupon over. So, I went to lunch and then came back for some more paper!

First Transaction

Four Clorox Wipes at $2.49 each

Total OOP - $10.56
Register Rewards - $4 (They didn't print though, so the manager just gave me back $4 cash Yeah for me!)

Second Transaction

One Sure deodorant at $2.79
One HP Paper at $4.99

Coupons Used
Walgreens Coupons - $1.50 off Sure
$.99 off Paper
Manufacturer Coupons - $1 off Sure
$3 off HP Paper

Total OOP - $1.70

Second Trip

One HP Paper at $4.99

Coupons Used
Walgreens Coupon for .99
$3 off HP paper

Total OOP - $1.24

Walmart Trip

Three Kotex at $1
Two PostIts at $1.24 each
Five Pickle Relish at $1
Crest Kids Toothpaste at $2.12

Coupons Used
Three $1 off Kotex (Came with sample)
One $3/2 PostIts
Five $1 off Pickles
One 1.75 off Crest (Manufacturer Coupon)


CVS Trip

Five Popcorns at $1 each
One Playskool Wipes at $3.49
One CVS Cotton Swabs at $1.99
One Antibacterial Pen at $1.79
Six Sally Hansen Nailpolishes at .99 each

Coupons Used

$2 off CVS Skin Care
$2/$10 CVS Products (CRT)
Three $3/2 Sally Hansen Polish (Not active anymore)
$1 off Playskool Wipes
One free Antibacterial Pen (CRT)

Total OOP - $4.35

Total for Entire Trip - $14.06

Not bad for all of this!!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Free Dressing Coupon

I just got my Kraft Food and Family magazine for summer and there was a coupon on one of the pages for a free Kraft Dressing!
Other people may have gotten their magazines already, but my subscription had run out and I just renewed it last month. I am so excited! We can always use dressing during the summer! We eat so many salads it feels like we are turning into rabbits!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Warning to CVS Coupon Users!

Just fair warning to all fellow CVSers, I was told by the clerk today that CVS is really cracking down on coupons to weed out fraud. She said they are going to be looking at Extra Care users that have frequent coupon use, so those days of using more than one $3/$15 or $2 off Skin Care may be coming to an end soon!

Quick trip to CVS

Eight bottles of Sally Hansen nailpolish at .99 each
One Playskool Wipes at $5.79
One CVS Lotion at $1.49

Coupons Used

Four $3/2 nailpolish each marked down to $1.98
$1 off Playskool Wipes
$2 off CVS Skin Care

Total OOP - $1.83

Second Transaction

10 Sally Hansen Nail Polish at .99 each
One CVS Cotton Swabs at $1.99
One Playskool Wipes at $5.79

Coupons Used
$1 off Playskool Wipes
$2 off CVS Skin Care
Four $3/2 (two were reduced to $1.98 and $1.92) Sally Hansen Nail Polish

Total OOP - $2.54

Total for Entire Trip - $4.37

Sunday, July 13, 2008

This Week's CVS Deals

I didn't think there was going to be much to choose from this week, but I was able to find quite a bit to work with!

First Transaction

Three Sally Hansen nail polish at .99 each
One CVS Cupholder Wipes at .99 each
One 160 Playskool Wipes at $5.79 each
One 80 ct Playskool Wipes at $3.29 each
Two $1 items (I can't remember what they are and I left my bag at CVS! I have to go back and get it!)

Coupons Used

$1 ECB
$1 off Playskool Wipes (Peelie)
$2/$10 CVS Products (CRT)
$2 off Playskool Wipes (Internet-not active anymore)
$2.97 off Nail Polish

Total OOP - $3.43

CRTS printed
$1 off Edge
$1.50 off Irish Spring

Second Transaction

Five CVS Popcorn at $1 each
Three Sally Hansen Nail Polish at .99 each
One Disney Lipgloss at .75 (Clearance from $2.99)
One CVS Cotton Pads at $2.99
One CVS Storage Bags at $2.49
Two Dove Milk Chocolate Bars at .79 each

Coupons Used
BOGO Dove CRT at .79
$2/$10 CVS Products CRT
$2 off CVS Skin Product
$2.97 off Nail Polish

Total OOP - 5.50

Third Transaction

Three Sally Hansen Nailpolish at .99 each
One CVS Lotion at $1.49
Hershey Bar at .79 (Filler)

Coupons Used
$2 off CVS Skin Product
$2.97 off Sally Hansen

OOP - .48

Total for Trip - $9.41

Kroger paid me $5.50 to take all of this!

Can you believe it? Kroger paid me $5.50 to take this off their hands!

First Transaction

Three Oscar Meyer Jumbo Hotdogs at $3.59 each
Two Oscar Meyer Bunlength at $3.59 each
Four Kool Aids at .20 each
Three Planters Nuts at $3.15 each

Coupons Used
Five Free Oscar Meyer Hotdogs with purchase of three Nabisco/Oscar Meyer/Kraft products
Three $3 off Planters with purchase of Kraft products

Total OOP - $1.25

Second Transaction

Three Planters Nuts at $3.15 each
Four Kool Aids at .20 each
Five Wheat Thins at $2.99 each

Coupons Used
Five Free Wheat Thins with purchase of three Nabisco/Oscar Meyer/Kraft products
Three $3 off Planters with purchase of Kraft products

Total OOP - $1.25 each

Total OOP for Trip - $2.50

I should have received $4 for each purchase of three Planters, but since they didn't print either time, Kroger customer care paid me $8 cash! So I left with $5.50 more than I came in with!

Ebay Part 3

One thing I didn't cover in my previous posts about Ebay, here and here, was choosing the BuyItNow option.
If you find a seller who has the BuyItNow option, and you agree with the price, you have the option to purchase the item immediately instead of waiting for the entire auction to end. Sometimes an auction can go for seven days, and if you need the item for an upcoming sale, you don't have the time to wait!
When you choose BuyItNow, you will pay immediately and your item could be shipped by the next day. Great option if there is a sale coming up or if you need to purchase an item as soon as possible for a party or cookout. :)
Again, remember to always follow the safety tips I listed before and good bidding!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

More info about Ebay coupons

The Frugal Homemaker asked me to go into more details about purchasing coupons on Ebay.
I know there are a lot of fraudulent coupons going around, so I have to caution everyone to be very careful when looking at coupons on Ebay. If it is too good to be true, it probably is!
The step-by-step intro to Ebay coupons would be first to make sure you have an Ebay account and then a PayPal account. A lot of Ebay sellers will only accept payment from a PayPal account, and it is so much faster. You can pay immediately and your coupons will ship faster!
Next, search for "coupons" or "coupons wyb" or "coupons" and whatever product you are looking for. There are many sellers who have 10-20 of the same coupon available or simply are looking to sell extras they will not use.
Some sellers will have photos of the coupons they are selling, and some will have generic photos, so make sure you know exactly what you are getting, and the expiration date! You don't want to order coupons that will expire within two days of getting them!
I have done this before, but only on products I know I can purchase immediately and freeze or store in the pantry.
However, the most important tip I can give is to check the sellers feedback score. Next to each sellers name will be a number that gives you their Ebay rating. You will also see a link to sellers feedback. Always check the feedback and make sure that the sellers don't have many complaints against them. Don't let just one or two bad ratings worry you though because people can always disagree on things and leave bad feedback when things aren't just as they wanted or because they did not agree with the seller. Look for the overall opinion from other buyers.
Remember too that when you bid, you can bid the highest amount that you will pay and Ebay will bid for you. If the opening price is .99 and you are willing to pay $3 for it, you can enter $3 and Ebay will start your bidding at .99 and bid against others up to $3 without you having to come back and do it.
If you are outbid, you will get an email that gives you a chance to bid again. Look at the overall amount of coupons you are receiving plus the shipping and see if it is really worth it. I have been able to buy so many good coupons online, and I have never had a bad experience with coupon sellers. Most of them are just Moms and Dads who are trying to make a little extra money and provide us with something we really need!
Good bidding!

Help with my Pantry! Coupon Giveaway!

Since I began stockpiling and really shopping almost exclusively with coupons and sales, my pantry has gotten a little out of control. I am looking for your suggestions to help me get this a little more organized. I have uploaded several pictures of our pantry, and I am hoping you can help me out a little on getting things a little straighter! I don't think there is much hope. I am going to giveaway a package of coupons on Saturday (July 19) to the person who makes the best suggestion or the most creative one. I have several packages, so I may give away more than one. Help!!!! Leave me a comment with your suggestion and either your blog address or email so I can get in touch with you if you win!

Above, left hand side. Hot water heater is to the left, so there is not any room there to use.

Above, middle to right hand wall. There is a two-shelf bookshelf holding the cereal that could come out I guess.

Above, top cereal shelf and above.
Above, right wall of pantry. Just added these shelves!
Above, shelves closest to ceiling. This is above the shelves on the right wall.

Purchasing coupons on EBay

I have recently gotten into purchasing coupons on Ebay, and I am so excited about the deals I am getting! I have been paying on average about $2 for the purchase and the shipping, but I have been getting so many extras on my shopping trips!

I went to Kroger yesterday with only my new coupons from one $1.98 online purchase, and I was able to save more than $55! And I still have $100+ in coupons to use another time. I think it is about time to invest in a storage unit for all of my nonperishable grocery items!

Saturday Trip to CVS

Not a lot to bargain with today, but I still got some pretty good buys for my mom and I. Definitely not my best deals ever, but I still got several things we needed and a whole bunch of CRTs!!!

First Transaction

Two Pringles at $1.00 each
Two Playskool Diapers at $19.99 for two

Coupons Used
One $4 off Playskool Diapers (emailed)
One $3/$15
Two $2/$10 CVS Purchase (CRTs)
$5 ECBs

Total OOP - $6.23

I really don't use Playskool, but I figure they will make good shower presents somewhere down the line!

Second Transaction

10 Dawn Ultras at $1 each
Two Pert Plus at @.50 each

Coupons Used
.50 off Dawn (Sunday Insert)
$1 off Dawn (Sunday Insert)
$2 off Pert Plus (Sunday Insert)
$3 off Pert Plus (Sunday insert)

ECBs Earned - $5

Total OOP - $9.40 (I just realized he didn't use my $3/$15 purchase! Oh well, I am sure I will make it back somewhere!)

Third Transaction

Two Pringles at $1 each
One Pampers Cruisers for $8.99
One Pantene at $3.33
Two Always at $2.99 each
One CVS Water at $4.99
One Duracell at $2.99
One CVS Lotion at $1.49
One Hershey at $1.49 (Filler)

Coupons Used
.30 off Pringles (Sunday Insert)
$1 off Pampers (Sunday Insert)
$2 off Pantene (Sunday Insert)
$2.99 Always BOGO (Sunday Insert)
$4.99 Water for purchasing $20 in PG Products
$1 off Duracell (Sunday Insert)
$1 off Duracell (CVS Peelie)
$2 off CVS Skin Care
$3/$15 purchase

ECBs Used $13

Total OOP - .36

Fourth Transaction

One Irish Spring at $5.99
Two Right Guards at $4.99 each

Coupons Used
Two $1 off Right Guard (All You Magazine)
$1.50 off Irish Spring (CRT)
$3/$15 purchase
ECBs - $2

Total OOP - $8.04

Total OOP for Trip - $24.03
Total ECBs earned - $6

$16.88 in CRTS

$1.50 off Irish Spring
$5 off Abreva
$3 off Excedrin
$2 off Playskool Cottony Cloths
BOGO Dove Milk Bar
$2/$10 CVS Products
Free CVS Instant Hand Sanitizer
One free Hershey Bar

Friday, July 11, 2008

New $3/$15 CVS Coupon

Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!! The drought is over!!!!!!!!!!!
Go here for a new one!
Thanks Deal Seeking Mom!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Loads for just pennies at Staples!

Staples is offering several items for just pennies this week. These deals are only while supplies last and limited amounts per person, so I think I will go tomorrow! Since it is per person and not per household, I wonder if I can buy for me and then let each of my little ones buy their own? :)

* Two pocket paper folders- 1 cent each - Limit 10 per customer
* 8-pack yellow pencils - 1 cent each - Limit 2 per customer
* Purell bottles - 1 cent each - Limit 2 per customer
* Assorted binders - 25 cents each - Limit 4 per customer
* Handyline retractable highlighters - Free after $4.99 rebate

Saturday, July 5, 2008

CVS Trip for July 4th

Got my $4 off $20 purchase for Fourth of July only, so of course I had to make a trip to CVS!!!

First Transaction

Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner (Reg. $24.99) on sale for $18.74
One Hershey Bar at .50 (filler)
One CVS Lotion at $1.49
Four Johnsons Buddies Soap at .99 each

Coupons Used
$4 off $20
$5 off Scrubbing Bubbles
$2 off CVS Skin Product
Two $2 off Johnsons adjusted to $1.98 each
$12.99 ECBs

Total OOP - .54

Second Transaction

Two Sure Deodorants at $2.99 each

Coupons Used
Two $1 off Sure (Sunday Insert)

Total OOP - $4.34 with mail in rebate for $2.99
ECBs earned - $3

Third Transaction

One Cascade Dishwashing Tablets at $5.49
One CVS Lotion at $1.49

Coupons Used
$1 off Cascade
$2 off CVS Skincare Product
$3 ECBs

Total OOP - $1.10

Total OOP for trip - $5.98 with $2.99 rebate coming
Total Merchandise Purchased - $43.90
93 percent savings!!!!

Walmart for only $1.27

Ok, even the clerk at Walmart asked me how I did this... :)

Eight Johnson's Buddies Soaps at .94 each
Two Zantac 150s at $4.23 each
Two Gold Bond Ultras at .97 each
Two Kotex at $1 each
One V8 Fusion at $2.98
One Juicy Juice at $2.67
Four Post It Page Markers at $1.24 each

Coupons Used

Three $2 off two Johnsons Buddies
Two $1 off Johnsons product
Two $5 off Zantac
Two $1 off Gold Bond lotion
Two $1 off Kotex
One $2 off V8 Fusion
One .75 off Juicy Juice
Two $3 off two PostIt products

Total OOP - $1.27 for $30.53 worth of merchandise!!!!!

Great Planters Deal at Kroger!!!!

I didn't know it when I started today, but Planters has an awesome deal going through July 13 at Kroger! If you buy five cans of Planters products, they pay you back with a $6.50 coupon for your next purchase. Four cans is $5 and three cans is $4. Since I didn't know when I started, I had to pay for one can out of pocket to get the last deal, but it still ended up saving me so much money!

I used 13 of the $3 off Planters products with purchase of three Kraft products after I bought three KoolAid packets each. They were on sale for .10 each! Yeah! So here is what it looked like...

First Transaction

Six cans of Planters peanuts at $3.15 each
18 packets of KoolAid at .10 each
Five Suddenly Salads at $1 each on sale
Two Rice A Roni Nature's Best at $1.07 each

Coupons Used

Six Planters $3 off
One .50 off two Suddenly Salads doubled to $1
Four .50 off one Suddenly Salads doubled to $1
Two .50 off Natures Best doubled to $1

Total OOP - $5.32
Coupons Received - $6.50 off next Kroger purchase

Second Transaction

Five Planters peanuts at $3.15 each
15 KoolAid packets at .10 each

Coupons Used
Five $3 off Planters

Total OOP - $2.25
Coupons Received - $6.50 off next Kroger purchase

Third Transaction

Three Planters Peanuts at $3.15 each
Nine KoolAid Packets at .10 each

Coupons Used
Two $3 off Planters (I only had two left!)

Total OOP - $4.05
Coupons Received - $4 off next purchase at Kroger

Fourth Transaction

One Can of Good Start Formula at $24.99

Coupons Used
$6.50 off
$6.50 off
$4 off

Total OOP - $7.99

Total OOP overall - $19.61
Total Merchandise Purchased - $99.33
Savings - More than 80 percent!!!!!

Check out Money Saving Mom and Centsible Sawyer for the Planters coupons!

This deal can also be found at Meijer. Check out Candace's post at The Savings Swap to find out more.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More Johnson's Buddies Soap!

Thanks to Budget Helps I can get four more Johnson's Buddies Soaps for free!
My daughter loves these, and I think I have about a dozen already stockpiled, but you can never have enough free soap! :)
Thanks again Budget Helps!!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cheap Popsicles

Walmart has Blue Bunny Bomb Pops on sale for July 4 at only $1.50 per box! With this coupon you can get them for 50 cents a piece!! Happy Holidays!
My Walmart had problems getting it to scan, but the CSM said as long as it has a Website, bar code and expiration date they can still enter it as a coupon. So you might want to check you store's policy.