Sunday, July 13, 2008

This Week's CVS Deals

I didn't think there was going to be much to choose from this week, but I was able to find quite a bit to work with!

First Transaction

Three Sally Hansen nail polish at .99 each
One CVS Cupholder Wipes at .99 each
One 160 Playskool Wipes at $5.79 each
One 80 ct Playskool Wipes at $3.29 each
Two $1 items (I can't remember what they are and I left my bag at CVS! I have to go back and get it!)

Coupons Used

$1 ECB
$1 off Playskool Wipes (Peelie)
$2/$10 CVS Products (CRT)
$2 off Playskool Wipes (Internet-not active anymore)
$2.97 off Nail Polish

Total OOP - $3.43

CRTS printed
$1 off Edge
$1.50 off Irish Spring

Second Transaction

Five CVS Popcorn at $1 each
Three Sally Hansen Nail Polish at .99 each
One Disney Lipgloss at .75 (Clearance from $2.99)
One CVS Cotton Pads at $2.99
One CVS Storage Bags at $2.49
Two Dove Milk Chocolate Bars at .79 each

Coupons Used
BOGO Dove CRT at .79
$2/$10 CVS Products CRT
$2 off CVS Skin Product
$2.97 off Nail Polish

Total OOP - 5.50

Third Transaction

Three Sally Hansen Nailpolish at .99 each
One CVS Lotion at $1.49
Hershey Bar at .79 (Filler)

Coupons Used
$2 off CVS Skin Product
$2.97 off Sally Hansen

OOP - .48

Total for Trip - $9.41

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'Till Next Time, Joye said...

Wow! nice Job! I'm new to blogging and I have just posted my first score from CVS on my blog if you want to take a peek!