Saturday, July 5, 2008

Walmart for only $1.27

Ok, even the clerk at Walmart asked me how I did this... :)

Eight Johnson's Buddies Soaps at .94 each
Two Zantac 150s at $4.23 each
Two Gold Bond Ultras at .97 each
Two Kotex at $1 each
One V8 Fusion at $2.98
One Juicy Juice at $2.67
Four Post It Page Markers at $1.24 each

Coupons Used

Three $2 off two Johnsons Buddies
Two $1 off Johnsons product
Two $5 off Zantac
Two $1 off Gold Bond lotion
Two $1 off Kotex
One $2 off V8 Fusion
One .75 off Juicy Juice
Two $3 off two PostIt products

Total OOP - $1.27 for $30.53 worth of merchandise!!!!!


Jennifer said...

That is great! Did your cashier have a reaction? I have some of those post it coupons, but I can't find any post its that are priced that low.

Samantha said...

The cashier was definitely shocked. Even took down my blog address! :) Those Post Its are $1.24 each at Walmart right now.