Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday Shopping without the girls

My mom had both girls for the night, so I had all afternoon to shop and take my time. I didn't get to get a picture since dh was so good to get it all put away before I had a chance! :) What a day!


First Transaction

One CVS Baby Lotion at $2
Two Glade Air Fresheners at .88 each
Eight All Small and Mighty at $6.49 each BOGO
One Johnson and Johnson Baby Lotion (Didn't realize she put that on there until I got home. Must have been left by someone else. I am returning it.)

Coupons Used
Eight $1 off All
$1 off two Glades
Two $2 off CVS Skin Product (She pushed the second one and now I know why!)
$15.98 ECB from Photo Books

Total OOP - 2.81

Second Transaction

Two All Small and Mighty at $6.49 each BOGO
One CVS Baby Lotion

Coupons Used
Two $1 off All
$2 off CVS Skin Product

Total OOP - $3.76


Unbelievable trip due to so many wyb coupons.

Milk at $4.09
3 Minute Maid Orange Juice (Clearance) at .99 each
Two Sunny Delight at $1 each
Dog Chow at $10.49
Kroger Sugar at $1.85
2 Beef Broth at $1.09 each
Two Kroger Cream of Mushroom at .88 each
Four Kroger Black Beans at .44 each
Eight Oscar Meyer Beef Hotdogs at $3.59 each
Eight Kraft Dressings at $2.29 each
One Azteca Tortilla at $1.89
Two Mini Tapioca at $3.29 each
Cucumbers at .59
Curry Powder at $2.24
3 Lunchables at $1.25 each
Green Peppers at $1.54
Cream Cheese at $1.26
Three Blocks of Kraft Cheddar at $5.99 each
Six Wheat Thins at $4.49 each
Kroger Buns at $1.09
Red Peppers at $3
Grape Tomatoes at $2.39
Three Kroger Enchilada Sauce at .99 each
Kraft Singles at $2.69
Yellow Peppers at $2.33
Tomatoes at $1.69
Bananas at $1.37
Grapes at $2.11

Total Before Coupons - $170.57

Total after Coupons - $58.02

66 percent savings!

Other than a $2 Dog Food coupon, the rest were purchased Kraft, Oscar Meyer, Nabisco WYB coupons. I had 110 worth of those! Purchased for less than $15 on eBay!


Five Jars of Vlasic Pickle Relish at $1 each
Two boxes of South Beach Diet Drink Mix at $2 each
Two packs of Bic ink pens at .88 each

Coupons Used
Five $1 off Vlasic Pickles
Two $2 off South Beach Drink Mix
One $1 off two Bic products (See coupons bar on right side of screen)

Total OOP - .87 (Would have been less but they didn't have any Post Its!)

Total OOP for entire day - $65.46

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