Saturday, July 5, 2008

Great Planters Deal at Kroger!!!!

I didn't know it when I started today, but Planters has an awesome deal going through July 13 at Kroger! If you buy five cans of Planters products, they pay you back with a $6.50 coupon for your next purchase. Four cans is $5 and three cans is $4. Since I didn't know when I started, I had to pay for one can out of pocket to get the last deal, but it still ended up saving me so much money!

I used 13 of the $3 off Planters products with purchase of three Kraft products after I bought three KoolAid packets each. They were on sale for .10 each! Yeah! So here is what it looked like...

First Transaction

Six cans of Planters peanuts at $3.15 each
18 packets of KoolAid at .10 each
Five Suddenly Salads at $1 each on sale
Two Rice A Roni Nature's Best at $1.07 each

Coupons Used

Six Planters $3 off
One .50 off two Suddenly Salads doubled to $1
Four .50 off one Suddenly Salads doubled to $1
Two .50 off Natures Best doubled to $1

Total OOP - $5.32
Coupons Received - $6.50 off next Kroger purchase

Second Transaction

Five Planters peanuts at $3.15 each
15 KoolAid packets at .10 each

Coupons Used
Five $3 off Planters

Total OOP - $2.25
Coupons Received - $6.50 off next Kroger purchase

Third Transaction

Three Planters Peanuts at $3.15 each
Nine KoolAid Packets at .10 each

Coupons Used
Two $3 off Planters (I only had two left!)

Total OOP - $4.05
Coupons Received - $4 off next purchase at Kroger

Fourth Transaction

One Can of Good Start Formula at $24.99

Coupons Used
$6.50 off
$6.50 off
$4 off

Total OOP - $7.99

Total OOP overall - $19.61
Total Merchandise Purchased - $99.33
Savings - More than 80 percent!!!!!

Check out Money Saving Mom and Centsible Sawyer for the Planters coupons!

This deal can also be found at Meijer. Check out Candace's post at The Savings Swap to find out more.

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