Thursday, July 17, 2008

One more trip today....SO GLAD I went!

I went into town for a friend's jewelry party and had to go back to CVS for something else. Got a real surprise when I went to buy the wipes! I bought everyone they had!!!!!

12 Sally Hansen nailpolishes at .99 each
One CVS Cotton Wipes at $2.99
Six Playskool Wipes at .19 each (YES, THAT IS RIGHT!!!!) Normally $1.99 each!
Two Push Pops at $1.49 each (I think)
One Hershey Bar at .79

Coupons Used
Four $3/2 polishes (Covered three each though!)
One $2 off CVS Skin Product
Six $1 off Playskool Wipes!!!!!

All of the candies were fillers when I came up almost $4 negative after coupons! They will be great treats for our new behavior charts!

Total OOP - .71 (YEAH!!!!!!!!)

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Mrs. J said...

omg, im so jealous now!