Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Final Results for the Pantry

Here are the pictures of the finished product.
Thanks for all of the help and suggestions!
For those of you who have not seen the mess of my former pantry, please see here!

This is the front view as soon as you walk in. The cereal has been stacked and changed direction and several of them have been moved into the cereal containers you see on the floor.

These are the shelves above the cereal. They are grouped by product and type (Italian, Mexican, etc.). They were like that to a point before, but now it is much better.

These are the shelves to the left of the cereal shelves. The top ones have extras stacked long way and there are some baskets holding similar items that are odd shaped like crackers and baking items like sugar and flour. The canned goods on the lowest shelf have been turned on a stepping shelf that is turned longways. This way I can see what's on each one rather than searching behind them.

Below my baking shelf is the basket holding all of our potato chips. The only messy looking part is the chips that have already been opened. They are in that small box for the moment until I can use them all up!

These are the shelves to the left as you enter the pantry. They are holding all of the baking items and large machines like our bread maker and quesadilla machine.

These are the shelves on the wall to the right of the door. It was previously a mess of hanging bags and extras crammed in wherever they would fit.

These are the shelves just below the ones above. They are newly installed and hold all of the goodies that won't fit on the shelves!

I repurposed a cabinet outside the pantry that once held all of my oldest daughter's art and school supplies. She can't reach those top shelves anyway, so this was perfect to hold drinks, odd shaped machines like my George Foreman grill, etc. The shelf below that holds baking goods in Rubbermaid containers and canned goods.

This cabinet is over my new dryer. We just got a front loading washer and dryer, so there are storage cabinets below them to hold everything that used to be in this cabinet. Now it can hold all of my paper goods!


Sonia said...

Looks Great!!

Mrs. J said...

congrats on a cleaner pantry! I wish we have as big as your pantry is. It's just too difficult to be storing stuff everywhere.

The Femmes Frugal said...

Your newly cleaned pantry looks great!

Daphne said...

Wow Your pantry is Huge! I wish I was that stocked up. I just recently started my stockpiling! Great job organizing it too!!!