Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Trip to CVS

Not a lot to bargain with today, but I still got some pretty good buys for my mom and I. Definitely not my best deals ever, but I still got several things we needed and a whole bunch of CRTs!!!

First Transaction

Two Pringles at $1.00 each
Two Playskool Diapers at $19.99 for two

Coupons Used
One $4 off Playskool Diapers (emailed)
One $3/$15
Two $2/$10 CVS Purchase (CRTs)
$5 ECBs

Total OOP - $6.23

I really don't use Playskool, but I figure they will make good shower presents somewhere down the line!

Second Transaction

10 Dawn Ultras at $1 each
Two Pert Plus at @.50 each

Coupons Used
.50 off Dawn (Sunday Insert)
$1 off Dawn (Sunday Insert)
$2 off Pert Plus (Sunday Insert)
$3 off Pert Plus (Sunday insert)

ECBs Earned - $5

Total OOP - $9.40 (I just realized he didn't use my $3/$15 purchase! Oh well, I am sure I will make it back somewhere!)

Third Transaction

Two Pringles at $1 each
One Pampers Cruisers for $8.99
One Pantene at $3.33
Two Always at $2.99 each
One CVS Water at $4.99
One Duracell at $2.99
One CVS Lotion at $1.49
One Hershey at $1.49 (Filler)

Coupons Used
.30 off Pringles (Sunday Insert)
$1 off Pampers (Sunday Insert)
$2 off Pantene (Sunday Insert)
$2.99 Always BOGO (Sunday Insert)
$4.99 Water for purchasing $20 in PG Products
$1 off Duracell (Sunday Insert)
$1 off Duracell (CVS Peelie)
$2 off CVS Skin Care
$3/$15 purchase

ECBs Used $13

Total OOP - .36

Fourth Transaction

One Irish Spring at $5.99
Two Right Guards at $4.99 each

Coupons Used
Two $1 off Right Guard (All You Magazine)
$1.50 off Irish Spring (CRT)
$3/$15 purchase
ECBs - $2

Total OOP - $8.04

Total OOP for Trip - $24.03
Total ECBs earned - $6

$16.88 in CRTS

$1.50 off Irish Spring
$5 off Abreva
$3 off Excedrin
$2 off Playskool Cottony Cloths
BOGO Dove Milk Bar
$2/$10 CVS Products
Free CVS Instant Hand Sanitizer
One free Hershey Bar

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