Saturday, July 12, 2008

More info about Ebay coupons

The Frugal Homemaker asked me to go into more details about purchasing coupons on Ebay.
I know there are a lot of fraudulent coupons going around, so I have to caution everyone to be very careful when looking at coupons on Ebay. If it is too good to be true, it probably is!
The step-by-step intro to Ebay coupons would be first to make sure you have an Ebay account and then a PayPal account. A lot of Ebay sellers will only accept payment from a PayPal account, and it is so much faster. You can pay immediately and your coupons will ship faster!
Next, search for "coupons" or "coupons wyb" or "coupons" and whatever product you are looking for. There are many sellers who have 10-20 of the same coupon available or simply are looking to sell extras they will not use.
Some sellers will have photos of the coupons they are selling, and some will have generic photos, so make sure you know exactly what you are getting, and the expiration date! You don't want to order coupons that will expire within two days of getting them!
I have done this before, but only on products I know I can purchase immediately and freeze or store in the pantry.
However, the most important tip I can give is to check the sellers feedback score. Next to each sellers name will be a number that gives you their Ebay rating. You will also see a link to sellers feedback. Always check the feedback and make sure that the sellers don't have many complaints against them. Don't let just one or two bad ratings worry you though because people can always disagree on things and leave bad feedback when things aren't just as they wanted or because they did not agree with the seller. Look for the overall opinion from other buyers.
Remember too that when you bid, you can bid the highest amount that you will pay and Ebay will bid for you. If the opening price is .99 and you are willing to pay $3 for it, you can enter $3 and Ebay will start your bidding at .99 and bid against others up to $3 without you having to come back and do it.
If you are outbid, you will get an email that gives you a chance to bid again. Look at the overall amount of coupons you are receiving plus the shipping and see if it is really worth it. I have been able to buy so many good coupons online, and I have never had a bad experience with coupon sellers. Most of them are just Moms and Dads who are trying to make a little extra money and provide us with something we really need!
Good bidding!

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