Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Men's Magazine!

Well, maybe that is a little sexist. There are women who ride motorcycles. I just know my husband will like this one, so I think of it as another men's mag!

Even more free magazines!!!!

Click here to get free issues of 11 different Christian magazines! No credit card is needed for these. Just read the trial issue and then decide whether to pay the enclosed bill or send it back marked cancelled. I love these kind of trials! Quick and easy to subscribe!

InStyle Magazine is also offering one free issue that you can pay for the same way. Just mark cancelled on the bill and send it back.

Here is a free copy of Cook's magazine. Same trial policy for this one as well.

Free magazines from Lowes

I totally forgot about all of the free magazines and newsletters that Lowes offers. I have subscribed to them in the past and gotten some really good ideas for inside and outside of the house. They offer several different kinds of publications on creative ideas for home and garden, gardening projects and woodworking projects. Something to keep you busy outside while the weather allows!

Chance to Win Really Cute Bag

Go here and leave a comment to win a chance to win a really cute monogrammed bag!

Good Job G!

Just a congrats to my sister-in-law who is learning the Drugstore Game and how to make couponing work for you!
"Aunt G", as my girls call her, saved more than 50 percent on her grocery bill last week by shopping at Lowes Foods. They double coupons up to 99 cents! Wow! Wish we had one of those here!
Good for you G!

General Mills Cereal on Sale!

Thanks to Candace at Savings Swap for all of this great info!

General Mills cereals, fruit snacks or breakfast bars are on sale for $1.49 each when you buy four through July 5.

8.7–18.25-oz. selected cereals,

4.5–9-oz. fruit snacks or

5–6-ct. breakfast bars.

The sale price is 2.49 each if purchased separately. Get $4 off when you buy 4 or more. Savings deducted instantly at checkout. No coupon required. Limit one $4 savings per transaction. No rain checks. See store for details.
Here is a $1.00 off Honey Nut Cheerios

Sunday's CVS Trip

Sunday's Trip to CVS wasn't spectacular, but I did get a few things we needed. I could have spent $2.19 less, but the clerk couldn't get the B1G1 for the Lifesavers to work because they were already B1G1. Didn't need the candy bars, but they were good fillers! The Coppertone sticks do work for the $10 ECBs back even though they don't have the sticker at the store!

First Transaction

One Hershey bar at .50
One Whatchamacalat at .50
One Swiffer Duster at $5.99
One Swiffer Wet Refill at $5.99
One Colgate Toothpaste at $1.77
Two Lifesaver Gummies at $2.19 each B1G1
One Brut Deodorant at $3.19
Two Colgate Whitening Toothpastes at $3.49 each and both came with toothbrushes!
Two M&Ms at .79 each

Coupons Used
$1 off Swiffer
$1 off Swiffer
Two $1 off Colgate
One $1.50 off Colgate (June's All You magazine)
One $1 off Brut (June's All You Magazine)
$22 ECBs

Total OOP - .59
ECBs received - $16

Second Transaction

One Physician Formula Mascara - $7.99

ECBs Used - $7.99
Total OOP - 0.00

ECBs received - $7.99

Third Transaction

Two Coppertone Baby Lotion Sticks at $4.79 each

ECBs Used - $7.99
Total OOP - $1.69

ECBs Received - $10

Fourth Transaction

One Colgate Toothpaste at $1.77

Coupon Used
$1 off Colgate

Total OOP - .88

Total for Day OOP - $3.16
ECBs Left - $10

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Organic Product Coupons

Did you know you can get more than $11 worth of coupons for Stonyfield Farm products here? These are awesome organic products, and the coupons are worth either $1 or .50 each. If you go to a grocery store that doubles, these can make it really affordable!

Free Automotive Magazine

I have loaded my mailbox with free magazines for me and my children, but I haven't found anything for my husband until today. He enjoys auto painting, so I finally found a site that offers trial issues of their magazine. Hemmings Motor News will send a free trial issue with a bill and you can send it back marked cancelled and pay nothing. Finally a free men's magazine!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Today's CVS Trip - Made more than $7!

Well, I tried my best to get all my deals in today before the week ended. My CVS finally restocked the Soy Joy bars, and I cleaned them out pretty quickly! I forgot to take a picture, but here was the damage!

20 Soy Joys at $1 each
1 CVS Cotton Swabs at $3.19
1 CVS Apricot Scrub at $2.99
2 CVS Wipes (Cupholder size) at .99 each
1 Playskool Baby Wipes at $3.29

Coupons Used
Two $1 off four Soy Joys (From website but no longer available)
$1 off Playskool Wipes
$2 off CVS Skin Care Product
$3 off any CVS Skin Care Product (CRT Print)
$2 off any $10 in CVS Items (CRT Print)
$4 off $20 Welcome Coupon (Change of info)
$2 ECBs

Total OOP - $14.46

ECBs received - $22 for Cotton Swabs and Soy Joys
CRT - $2 off any $10 in CVS Items

Not a bad profit!

Freebies at Bath and Body Works

Free lip gloss or antibacterial hand gel with any purchase at Bath and Body Works.

Free body lotion with any purchase at Bath and Body Works.

Three new magazine issues!

Thanks to Be Centsable, I have three new trial subscriptions to magazines!
I ordered Real Simple and will receive one free issue. I chose the Bill Me Later option and didn't have to pay anything up front. And after that subscription was confirmed, they also gave me the option to receive a free issue of Cottage Living and another magazine! That's three in one!
I am such a magazine junkie, this was perfect for me!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

More Freebies!!!

Free sample of Dove ProAge here.

Free sample of Metamucil Berry Burst here.

Free sample of LaCoste men's cologne here.

Free sample of Aquafresh Extreme Clean here.

Free Elmo Baby Bag tag from Nursery Water here.

Sign up for free Edge Shave Gel products here.

Free Dove Shine Hair Therapy here.

Free sample of Aveeno Positively Ageless with a coupon here.

Free sample of Eucerin Calming Cream here.

Free Heart Smart cookbook by playing a short trivia game here.

Join Organic Farms Mothers of Organic to receive a free members packet here.

Click here for free
a Free Gun Care Info pack from Birchwood Casey. Each pack contains: a current catalog retail price sheet, order form, Target sample, Barricade Take-Along Sample, 1-2-3 Gun Care Guide, Refinishing Guide and return envelope. Just click on Contact Us and fill out the form.

Free Purex sample here.

Best Of Cooking Light Vol 3 Mini Magazine here

Free Greenies Dental Chew for pets here.

Free Healthful Life cat food sample here.

Homemade Baby Food

When my first daughter was born, I bought all of her baby food premade. Gerber was my best friend! With my second daughter, I am trying my hand at making her food from scratch so it can be as healthy as I can make it. I am really amazed at how simple and inexpensive it is! I don't know why I didn't do this before! I could have saved a fortune!
So far I have served fresh from the refrigerator ... mashed bananas, fresh avocado, mashed mango, steamed carrots and yellow squash.
I do take a little help from Cascadian Farms with pureed organic summer squash and steamed edemame that I mash or throw into my food processor. I also bought a large jar of sugar-free applesauce. It is still much cheaper than if I bought them individually packaged, and I just separate them into single servings and freeze them.
I have found some great recipes here, but we are just getting started on solids.
So far, her favorites have been mashed bananas with applesauce or mashed mango. What about you? What are your favorite homemade baby food recipes?

Free Coffee

Dunkin' Donuts. Dunkin' keeps me blogging. Try Dunkin' Donuts Coffee For Free. Get a Sample

Thanks Budget Helps!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Freebies

Sign-up here for a free baby magnet sample

Free subscription available here to Living the Country Life magazine

Free Gas-X sample

Free Old Spice samples

Free Doggy Delightz organic treats

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Free Magazines with AdPerk

I know lots of other blogs have mentioned it, but I don't think I have let my friends in on it yet. Have you been to AdPerk? I received free subscriptions to three different magazines just by watching a few commercials! I love to read, so this freebie was right up my alley! Give it a shot!

Free Dip N Sticks

Go here to take a survey and get free Dip N Sticks!
Thanks Coupon Diva!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Coupon Lady

Ok, so they told me tonight at CVS that I am known as "The Coupon Lady". I don't know if that is a good or a bad thing? :)
I normally don't go to CVS five times in one weekend, but we were in town already, so off we went for this week's sales!

First Transaction

Five Colgate Toothpastes - $2.99 each

Coupons Used - $1.50 off each (This month's All for You Magazine)
ECBs used - $4.95

Total OOP - .45
Total ECBs earned - $10

Second Transaction

Five Colgate Toothpastes - $2.99 each
Four Soy Joy Bars - $1 each
Two Smart Start cereals - $4.69 each B1G1
CVS Soap - $1.99

Coupons Used
$1.50 off each Colgate (This month's All for You Magazine)
$2.00 off CVS skin product
$1 off Soy Joy Bars
$3 off 2 Smart Starts
$4 off $20

Total OOP - $6.38
Total ECBs earned - $14

Third Transaction

Two All Small and Mighty - $6.49 B1G1
Two Doritoes - $3.79 B1G1
One Huggies Bath and Body Wash - $3.49
One CVS Soap - $1.99

Coupons Used
Two $1 off All Small and Mighty
$1 off Huggies Wash (Sunday Insert 6/22)
$2 off CVS product
$10 ECBs used

Total OOP - $1.76
Total ECB earned - $2

Total Spent - $8.59
Total ECBs earned -$16

Also pictured from Target are 20 Ziploc bags at $1 each, seven Bandaids packs at .97 each, one four-pack of Clorox wipes at $4.99 and two boxes of Earths Best Organic crackers at $1.77 each.

Coupons Used
10 - $1 off 2 Ziploc bags
7 - .75 off Band-aids
1 - $1 off two Earths Best

Total OOP - $13.07 plus tax

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Four trips to CVS in one day!

First trip

One box of Malt O Meal Cereal - $1
One box of CVS QTips - $3.99
One Playskool Wipes - $1.99
One Playskool Teething Ring - $3.99 on clearance
One bottle of Johnson Baby Shampoo - $2.50 on clearance

Coupons Used
$1 off Playskool Wipes
$1 off cereal
$2.00 off CVS product
$6.99 ECBs

Total OOP - 2.63
ECBs Earned - $2 and $1 off peelie for wipes

Second Trip

One pack of D batteries - $4.49
One CVS Cotton Balls - $1.69
Three Malt O Meal Cereals - $1 each
One Playskool Wipe - $1.99

Coupons Used

$1 off Playskool Wipes
$1 off cereal
$2.00 off CVS product
$2 ECBs

Total OOP - $3.36
Earned - $7 off Spiderwick Chronicles, $1 off peelie for wipes, and should have earned $7 ECBs for batteries, but they didn't print. Will have to call CVS!

Third Trip

One CVS Cotton Balls - $1.69
Three Malt O Meal Cereals - $1 each
One Playskool Wipe - $1.99

Coupons Used

$1 off Playskool Wipes
$1 off cereal
$2.00 off CVS product

Total OOP - .72 and $1 off peelie for wipes

Fourth Trip

One CVS Cotton Balls - $1.69
One Playskool Wipe - $1.99

Coupons Used

$1 off Playskool Wipes
$2.00 off CVS product

Total OOP - .72 and $1 off peelie for wipes

Total OOP at CVS all day - 7.43
Total ECBs earned - $9 with $7 CVS coupon and $4 peelies for wipes
Total for day -$10.57!

Also pictured are four cans of Muir Glen organic tomato sauce that cost me $1.96 at Kroger with four $1 off coupons!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Free LandOLakes butter!

Found this while surfing for rebates!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Latest Walmart/CVS Trip

I am teaching my friend Kim how to play The Drugstore Game and how to save big money with coupons, so last night we left the children with their dads and took a girl's night out... to CVS and Walmart.

Not pictured from Walmart, two boxes of LiveActive Mixed Berry, five jars of pickle relish and three YoPlus four packs. I bought four Dr. Peppers, one French's mustard, V8 Fusion Strawberry Banana, four packages of Kotex pads, two Gold Bond Lotions, one bottle of Edge shave gel, four Clean and Clear face scrubs, two Degree deodorants, two Johnson's Buddies Soap, one Johnson's bedtime Toddler Soaps, two Post It page markers, four bottles of Frize Ease Mousse, one Zantac, and two Johnsons Baby Lotions.

Coupons Used
$2 off each two boxes of LiveActive
Five $1 off Pickle Relish
Three $1 off YoPlus four packs with full satisfaction guaranteed mail-in rebate
Two $1 off Dr. Peppers (promotion ended)
.50 off French's Mustard
$2 off V8 Fusion
Four $1 off Kotex (June's All For You Magazine)
$1 off Edge
Two $2 off Clean and Clear
Two $2 off Degree deodorants
Two $1 off Johnson's Buddies
$2 off Johnson's Bedtime Product
$3 off two PostIts
Four $1 off Frize Ease (June's All For You Magazine)
$5 off Zantac
Two $1 off Johnson's Baby Lotion
Two $1 off Gold Bond

Total OOP - $7.78


First Transaction
Oral B Power Toothbrush - $5.99
Oral B Power Toothbrush - $5.99
Six Evian Waters at $2.15 each/ B1G1 free
One CVS Cotton Swab - $3.19
One Brut Deodorant - $3.39
One Playskool Wipe - $1.99

Six $1 off Evians
$2.00 off CVS Skincare Product
$5.99 for B1G1 Toothbrushes (Sunday Insert 6/8)
$1 off Brut Deodorant (June All for You Magazine)
$1 off Playskool Wipes (CVS coupon)
$1 off Playskool Wipes peelie
$15 ECBs

Total OOP - .16
ECBs Received - $11

Second Transaction

Oral B Power Toothbrush - $5.99
Oral B Power Toothbrush - $5.99
Two Evian Waters - $2.15 each/B1G1

Coupons Used

$1 off Evian
$5.99 B1G1 Toothbrushes
$6 ECBs

Total OOP - $1.44
ECBs received - $6

Total OOP for entire trip - $9.38
Rebates to be received for YoPlus - 6.36

I also got my free sample of Seattles Best Coffee and Splenda Drink Sweeters! Oh, and my first issue of Women's Day! Everyday is like Christmas in my mailbox!

Thanks to Money Saving Mom and Centsible Sawyer for all of their tips for coupons!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yo Plus Full Rebate!

Click here to get a satisfaction guaranteed rebate form for YoPlus yogurt!
There are also $1 off coupons here!
On sale at Walmart right now, so this is a great deal!

Monday, June 16, 2008

New Johnson's Link

This link brought me to a new $1 off Johnsons lotion, cream, moisture care wash or baby oil. Hurray!

Run in with CVS Manager

I was told by a CVS manager this weekend that CVS sent out an email to their stores alerting them to people who were "abusing" coupons, both CVS and manufacturer, that were printed off the computer.
He said I had too many $3 off $15 coupons to have received them from CVS and I must have run off copies. I explained they were from an online newspaper that I had a legitimate subscription to, and I printed them directly from the Web site. He still didn't want to accept them and gave me a hard time about it. He said they would take them this last time but next time he would only accept one.
He told me they were going to be much more cautious about the coupons they were accepting because he knew there were people out there who were using them too much.
Guess I will be going back on his off days!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Awesome Day at CVS and Walmart

I had a great shopping day today, even with two kids in tow! And starting at CVS with no extra bucks!

The four cases of Cokes were on special, seven bottles of Nivea shaving gel (June 8 Sunday inserts), four packs of Duracell batteries (several $1 off stickies on packages), four bottles of Brut deodorant ($1 off in June All For You Magazine), three bottles of Frizz Ease Hair Mousse($1 off in June All For You Magazine) and two bottles of Clean and Clear facial scrub ($2 off two bottles Internet coupon).

Six bottles of Dr. Pepper (Three $1 off two bottles), two boxes of cotton swabs ($3.99 with $2 off coupon at $2 ECBs back), two boxes of Zantac ($5 off each Internet coupon), three packages of Kotex ($1 off in June All For You Magazine), one can of Bush's Grillin Beans ($1.25 with $1 off from insert coupon), three boxes of CVS bandaids ($1.99 with $1.99 ECB back) , two boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios ($1 off each Internet coupon) and two bottles of Gold Bond cream ($1 off each Internet coupon).

Three double packs of Oral B toothbrushes ($6.99 each with $6.99 ECB back), one large container of Folgers coffee, two cans of Edge Shave Gel (Two $1 off Internet coupons), two packs of Post It notes (One $3 off 2 Internet coupon), one bottle of Right Guard ($1 off in June All For You Magazine), one bottle of V-8 Fusion($2.98 with $2 off Internet coupon) and one three pack of baby spoons ($1 off Playschool coupon).

CVS Purchases (Never actually spent OOP because I had $25 gift card)

Transaction 1

Fiber One Cereal at $3.34
Two Honey Nut Cheerios at $3.33 each
One Folgers Coffee at $10

Two $1 off Cheerios
One $1 off Fiber One
$4 off $20

Total OOP $13
ECBs back - $10

Transaction 2

Five Nivea Shave Gels at $2.99 each

One $2 off one
Two $4 off two
$3 off $15

Total OOP $2.67
$5 ECB back

Transaction 3

Two Oral B toothbrushes at $6.99 each
One Cotton Swabs at 3.99
One CVS bandaids at 1.99

$2 off CVS Skincare
$3 off $15
$14.96 ECB

$0.00 OOP
$16.98 ECB back

Transaction 4

Four packs of Duracell at $5.29 each

$3 off from peelies on batteries
$3 off $15
$13.98 ECB

Total OOP - $1.43
$10 ECB back

Transaction 5

One Oral B at$6.99
One bandaid at $1.99
Two Nivea Shave Gels at $2.99

$1 off Nivea
$13 ECB

Total OOP - $1.08
ECBs back - $13.98

Transaction 6

One bandaid at $1.99
One Playschool Spoons at $3.99
One Cotton Swabs at $3.99

$1 off spoons
$2 off CVS skincare coupon
$3 off $15
$3.97 ECB

Total OOP - $0.00
ECBs Back - 3.99

Transaction 7

Four cases of Coke Products at $11

$10.98 ECBs

Total OOP - .02
ECBs back $5

Transaction 8

Two Brut Deodorants at $3.19
Two Brut Deodorants at $3.39
One Right Guard at $4.99

Four $1 off Brut
$3 off $15
$8 ECB

Total OOP - $2.52
$12 ECB back

Total - $20.72 with $12 ECBs left!!!!


Six Dr. Peppers at $1 each
Two Gold Bond Creams at .97 each
Two Zantacs at $4.23 each
Three Kotex at $1 each
Three Frizz Ease Mousse at .97 each
Two Clean and Clear at .97 each
Two Post Its at .97 each
One v8 Fusion at $2.98 each
Two Edge at $1.47 each
One Grillin Beans at $1.25

Three $1 off two Dr. Peppers
Two $1 off Gold Bond
Two $5 off Zantacs
Three $1 off Kotex
Three $1 off Mousse
One $2 off 2 Clean and Clear
One $3 off 2 Post Its
One $2 off V8
Two $1 off Edge
One $1 off Beans

Total OOP - $2.41

What a Day!!!!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Free Cereal at Walmart

There are several different kinds of Malt O Meal cereals at our Walmart for only $1 a box. Click here and print your coupons to get it for free!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Upcoming Money Makers!

According to scans I have seen from June 22-28, there are some upcoming money makers at CVS!

Soy Joy is going to be on sale from June 22-28 for 4/$4 with $4 ECB back. Go to and get $1 off 4. Make $1 for each purchase! Limit 5.

Colgate will be on sale for $2.99 with $2 ECB back. This coupon is for $1.50 off, so you can make .51 with each purchase!

June 29-July5

Right Guard deodorant will be $6.99 with $5 in ECBs.
$1 off coupon in May All For You Magazine or from 5/18 Sunday insert.
Only .99 after ECBs!

I am having too much fun hunting for all of these deals!!!!

Dr Pepper contest

I just won a $5 grocery gift card from the Dr. Pepper More to Explore contest!
Yeah! One more freebie for me!

A New Beginning

Well, this is my first post on this blog. I recently came across Money Saving Mom while I was researching an article on how to lower your grocery bills. I was really amazed at how many freebies there were out there!
I had also never heard of the Drugstore Game.
I have had a CVS Extracare Card for 10 years, but I didn't realize how much was available and how much money you could make! I am shocked at how much money I have saved in the last month.
Between my mom and myself, my entire pantry is full, my daughter is stocked on diapers for the rest of the summer and I have more toiletries than I can say grace over!

We send care packages to soldiers overseas, and this has been an awesome way to stock up those packages. I have been able to send toothbrushes, deodorant, mouthwash and so much more I couldn't get for them before. I've been able to donate food to our Christian Food Bank, and I also have enough stored away to donate to Operation Shoebox at Christmas and even for our families to use for many years to come!
I am so excited about the new ways to provide for my family, lower my grocery bills and even help provide for other people. I have always wanted to take care of other people when I can, but I haven't always been able to spend as much money as I wanted to help. I am so excited about the possibilities!!!

Above is a picture of my first "post-frugal" shopping trip to CVS, Kroger and Walmart. I only spent $11 OOP. One pack of diapers usually costs more than that!!! I was able to buy things for our family, food bank and soldiers overseas. :)