Sunday, September 7, 2008

CVS trip this week (I'm slacking! Sorry!)

I had a pretty good trip at CVS this week, but I had to send in several of my receipts for rebates, so I am not entirely sure how I did it! I will try to at least list my coupons used! I promise I will do better next week. This was with my mom's card and mine, and the three monitors are not pictured because I already donated them.

Four Dawn at .99 each
Three Cover Girl Lip Gloss at $5.99 each
Three Colgate at $2.99 each
Three Pringles at .88 each
Two Breathe Rights at $5.99 each (I think)
Two Freestyle Diabetes Monitors at $9.99 each
One Precision Monitor at $19.99

Coupons Used
Two .50 off dawn
Two $1 off Dawn Hand Renewal
Three $1.50 off Colgate
One $1 off three Pringles
One $10 off Precision Monitor
One B1G1 Cover Girl

ECBs earned
Two $5.99 for Cover Girl
Three $2 for Colgate
One $9.99 for Precision Monitor
Two $9.99 for Freestyle Monitors

ECBs spent
$15.99 and $5.99

Rebates Earned
Two $9.99 from Freestyles

Total OOP

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