Friday, August 22, 2008

Answers to your questions....

When I posted this week's contest, I asked for each of you to post a question you would like to have answered. Many of these questions will be used in future coupon giveaways, but there were a few that were directed to me, so I am going to try to answer some of these here.

* What dream am I saving towards?
We are working towards paying off our debts and eventually putting an addition on our home. We would like to add a larger family room and another bedroom. I would love to have more children, but I don't think the seams of my house will hold another!

* Do I have a system for researching my deals each week?
I have a group of websites that I check which you can see on the sidebar of my blog. I also purchase several copies of the newspaper, if they are deals I will use, so I have multiple copies of coupons. I make sure to go through each of the inserts and see what is on sale before I pair them with things already in my stockpile. I also make sure that my coupon box leaves the house anytime I do. I never know when I might have the chance to make a quick pitstop or when something might be on clearance that I have a coupon for!

* Do I make money from home using a legitimate source?
For a few weeks each year, I sell Kelly's Kids clothing. This is a line of boutique-type children's clothing that is sold at home shows. I sell for only a couple of weeks each season and manage to make a good amount of money. I also am working towards making money through blogging through advertising.

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