Monday, August 25, 2008

Response from CVS

I posted a couple of weeks ago about the problems I was having at our local CVS using certain coupons, so I emailed CVS and got my response! I am right! Yeah! Here is a copy of the response.

"Thank you for taking the time to contact CVS/pharmacy with your inquiry. I’ve provided our coupon policies. Although; all final decisions are left to the Store Manager’s discretion.
CVS/pharmacy will accept coupons printed from the Internet. They must have a legible barcode that scans at the register. If the coupon does not scan at the register, the cashier should politely inform you that we are unable to accept your coupon. We do not allow manual overrides at the register for coupons printed from the Internet.

Our registers are set to allow 1 CVS coupon and 1 manufacturer coupon per item. However, the staff should be allowing customers to use Extra Bucks in combination with other CVS coupons since these are coupons you have “earned.” In addition, similarly they should be allowing the use of “offer at the register” coupons which would be an open offer of $3 off of $15 or a certain dollar amount off of a specific item. Since our registers are programmed to only accept 2 coupons (1 CVS, 1 manufacturer) per item if the number of coupons exceed the items purchased a member of management will need to assist the cashier in processing the coupons. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.
You can use coupons towards a clearance item but the coupon will be adjusted if it is more than the price of the item.
The BOGO coupon allows you to purchase 2 items and get them both for free. With the manufacturer’s coupons you can combine one with one CVS coupon. You will be responsible for any tax due.
If we can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for taking the time to contact CVS/pharmacy."

So, I understand this to mean that as long as the coupons scan, which mine do, they have to accept them.

Now my problem has become having to talk to the manager with the letter because I know he is going to be irritated about the whole situation. I don't want this to become a confrontational thing, but I am afraid it will be. I am not trying to tell him his job, but I know I am right in this case.

So, how would you approach this?


Sonia said...

Do you have more CVS I would shop at another one, we have 1 on every corner seems like lol

Samantha said...

Unfortunately, the closest other CVS is more than 25 miles away, so it is almost silly to make the trip. If I go to a city that is about 45 minutes from here, I always go to their CVS, but I only make it to the other city a couple of times each month.

Mean Mommy said...

I clicked over from the iheartcvs forum. That whole thing sounds really frustrating. If it were me, I would just take the response with me and wait to be challenged at the register, then politely say that you checked with CVS corporate about policy and show them the response.

Unfortunately, I'm guessing with the situation you've described, the manager will latch on to that first paragraph about "final decisions are left to the Manager's discretion."

Is there any time of day/week when the manager is not on the floor or is busy with something else?