Monday, August 18, 2008

WOW at Kroger!

Today at Kroger was awesome!!!!!

This photo will show you exactly what I came home with, and if you will see my previous post here, you can see how I managed to do this!
I was able to get two cans of formula (remember this is normally $24.99 per can), seven packs of Orbit gum, seven tubes of Chapstick, six boxes of Bagel Bites, five California Pizza Kitchen pizzas, nine double packs of Gerber baby food and three three-liter jugs of Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice.
My total before coupons was $165.48, and I paid $40.18!!!!! Still cheaper than just the two cans of formula! I also got a $5 Catalina for my next purchase since I bought two cans of formula along with $6.50 off my next purchase of three cans, .75 off my next four packages of baby food and $1 off Pampers!
The juice will go to the food bank, the Chapstick to the soldiers in Iraq and the rest to my newly straightened pantry!

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