Sunday, August 24, 2008

Walgreens this week (Baby stuff on clearance)

I had to put everything away already since it is for Christmas for my daughter, but I used the $5/$20 coupon and was able to get a couple of Christmas presents for her. I also found out they have been stocking the baby shelves, so there were shelves of baby items in the clearance aisle!
I bought one Crayola Color Wonder Backyardigans set for $7.99 and one Crayola Go Paint set for $9.99. I had a .50 coupon for the Go Paint set, so I still needed something to fill in $2.52 before I could use the coupon. I looked on the clearance shelves and found a huge pack of Huggies wipes marked down from $7.49 to $3.41!
There were several packs of Huggies diapers and WAGS diapers as well. There were bottle liners, onesie sets, bottles and even a breast pump on the clearance shelves! Go check out your Walgreens!

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