Friday, August 8, 2008

$5 Charity Challenge

I am taking part in BeCentsable's Charity Challenge this week.
I was able to take 17 boxes of cereal, four bottles of Pert Plus and two bottles of Dawn to the Christian Food Bank yesterday for only $4.04. I was also able to take $10 in art supplies and eight bottles of hand sanitizer to my daughter's school for nothing thanks to rebates.
I was not able to get a picture because I went straight from shopping to the food bank and school, but I can tell you how I did it.
Earlier in the week, I went to Walgreens and purchased four boxes of Special K with coupons and spent $4.76. However, they gave me back a $5 Catalina, so I actually made .24.
I bought the two bottles of Dawn at CVS because they were on sale for .88 each and I had coupons to .50 off each one. Since I stocked up when they were 2/$1 in June, I definitely could stand to give a few away! Since I did ten transactions while I was there, I was able to get eight bottles of CVS hand sanitizer for nothing with my $2 off a CVS Skin Care product coupon.
Then, yesterday I went to Walmart and found Malt-O-Meal cereal on sale for $1 a bag. I have been saving the $1 off coupons for weeks now, so I had 13 of them. Since those of you who have seen my pantry know that I have no need for cereal, I gave those as well.
In this week's coupon inserts, there is a rebate form for $5 in school supplies when you buy two bottles of Pert Plus or Sure deodorant. My mom gave me her rebate form and coupons to use as well.
Pert Plus is $2.88 a bottle at Walmart, so I took four $2 off coupons and bought them for .88 each. Then I bought $10 in school supplies to redeem for rebates. I donated six boxes of 24-count Crayola crayons, one 1000-count craft sticks, a bag of art feathers and a bag of stick-on googly eyes to my daughter's kindergarten class. Her teacher is really big on art projects, so this just gives them more supplies to choose from!

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