Sunday, August 17, 2008

Facebook Coupons great at Kroger

If you were one of the lucky people like me who were able to print the high value coupons from Facebook before the values were reduced, Kroger definitely has some great deals right now! I just got back and was able to California Pizza Kitchen pizzas for less than .50 a piece, Bagel Bites for less than .50 a piece and Ocean Spray Cranberry Cocktail for less than $1 each. Vitamin Water coupons doubled to $1 off, so I paid less than .50 for each of those. I also got free Chapstick and free Orbit gum.
The cashier was amazed when my $225 total came down to $115 for all of my groceries today, and a good portion of it was due to that and the Nestle deal going on right now. If you buy $20 in select Nestle products, you receive $5 back. Lucky for me, Nestle makes our formula, baby food and dog food, so I was able to get the limit of $15 back on $60. I love it when a shopping day surprises me with even better deals than I had planned!

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