Friday, August 15, 2008

No More CVS Internet Coupons! Ugh!

I made a trip to CVS yesterday to buy the deal on baby items by purchasing 10 packs of Playskool Wipes which were on sale for 2/$5. If all had gone well, I would have spent $4 on all of them, but alas that was not meant to be!
I would have used a $2/$10, $4/$20 Playskool CRT and 10 $1 off Playskool Wipes that I printed from However, after everything was rung up and the cashier began to scan coupons, the shift manager told me that they will no longer be accepting any CVS coupons from the Internet except for the ones that are mailed directly to me. She said the ones that are printed elsewhere are illegal copies!
I explained that the $2/$10 came from an online magazine and the $1 off wipes came from a legitimate website, but she was not hearing any of it!
I am going to call the 1-800 number later today and see what they have to say about it, but I am so mad that I had to spend $12 extra on wipes! Still a good deal, but not anything like what I had hoped!
I think my days of good deals at CVS are quickly coming to an end!
Has anyone else had this problem yet?


Cristy said...

I would also send an email, in hopes that you get a positive response, and can then take a copy of the email response to the store. I have been fortunate enough to be getting the $3/$15 coupons from the scanners so I have not had to use any from the internet, therefore, I have no experience with this particular coupon. Good Luck!

The Frugal Homemaker said...

It sounds like you have an ill informed CVS manager. I have not had any trouble with any of those coupons at the three stores in my town. No one has every said anything at all to me. Plus, I have not heard of anyone in my travels through other blogs and Hot Coupon World or SlickDeals that would support what that store manager is telling you.

I would suggest selecting a different CVS to shop at if there is more than one in your town.

Lindsay said...

Something similar happened to me when I tried to buy the clean & clear last week. She said one IP per order... grrr !

Anonymous said...

I was just in CVS less than an hour ago with coupons that were mostly printed from the web. I had no problems. Sorry you did. But I would not have purchased those wipes at that CVS.